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Co-operative membership - Max-Biodiesel Test Fuel Program & Benefits

We believe that the Max-Biodiesel Test Fuel Program enables considerable advantages to be available right here and now. 

Max-Biodiesel offers major emissions reductions of up to 80% for the environment and as a result the air we breathe and our personal outlook will be improved. We can all make a difference in pollution reduction in some ways and this program is for those who burn regular diesel fuel. 

This program will enable significant advantages overall to members and benefit society in general. Other opportunities and long range forecasts are easy to speculate on such as fuel cost savings.

We are promoting the co-operative membership and test fuel program as a practical and interesting solution to some fuel energy requirements, pollution legislation, cleaner air and healthy living and other aspects of our enterprise.

Ideally, city smog can be reduced, in addition to major trucking and transportation routes, border crossing and traffic hot spots. Our quality of life can improve just by making different choices as we expect some health problems (especially asthma) and exhaust related pollution problems are gradually diminished.

Supply Logistics:
The co-operative membership goals are directed to long term supply sourcing, prompt delivery and keeping our members supplied, regardless of scenarios that may influence your fuel costs or availability.  Total logistical acquisition and deployment of resources with secure supply line management provisions are essential to successful operations. This is we believe a step towards being part of the solution.

Max-Biodiesel in use:
You may have or operate diesel or # 2 fuel for machinery, vehicles, air and water heating systems or other applications, you can make decisions today that can affect the future. If you do not currently use this type of fuel, you may plan for the future in a different way and consider the benefits offered by biodiesel.

Some people have replaced their regular gas internal combustion engine vehicle with a diesel engine can easily be fueled with bio-diesel or a combination of practically any ratio with regular diesel.

Sometimes it is only a diesel engine that will get the job done.  There are no modifications required, fill ‘er up and go, nothing complicated at all.  No one is messing with your fuel, watering it down or adding anything else but high energy bio-diesel fuel.

A lot less pollution:
Max-Biodiesel does not have benzene or manganese (endocrine disrupters and extremely bad for the brain-a real bio-hazard for people), no added sulphur and therefore no sulphur dioxide.

Max-Biodiesel does not need additional lubrication additives for injector fuel pumps, which is excellent for older fuel pumps and injectors, that operators typically add extra lubricant to the commercially available "low sulphur" fuel.

Max-Biodiesel is not a fossil fuel. No problems with Emissions tests.

Max-Biodiesel is bio-degradable and will break down in the environment in the event of a small spill.  Amazing.

Max-Biodiesel will run in any diesel engine.  No engine modifications are required.  Any Max-Biodiesel : diesel ratio can be mixed.  This bio-diesel meets or exceeds bio-diesel ASTM spec’s.   

Winterizing agents can be used in bio-diesel just like when it is added to regular diesel fuel when it is, you know, real ccccccold. Best of all it is made right here locally from local and waste fryer oil products and that’s great for our local economy.

At present, nothing compares to the mass logistical convenience of organized production and fuel distribution, however, not every fuel station offers bio-diesel.  For those interested, some planning and storage-dispensing facilities, the rewards and benefits of this bio-diesel test program are obtainable and practical.  Not everyone has the time, space, resources or inclination to make it themselves, so this might be an option worth considering.  This is not a retail operation, there is nothing being sold, member funds are held in trust  like a true co-operative production, acquisition and distribution group. If anyone has other useful ideas for the program and membership, please contact us or your local member agent. Thanks in advance.

The Test Fuel Program:
The Max-Biodiesel Test Fuel Program requires a fixed and/or variable contribution per barrel of bio-diesel, an idea about potential, minimum or maximum weekly or monthly acquisition of fuel requirements, the Test Fuel Agreement and the Test Fuel Survey is required. This will help us work together for planning, logistics and buying group strategy so we can run a more successful program.

There is not present limit on the amount of bio-diesel a member may acquire in the program, after all, you are a member! 

Get involved:
This private co-operative club membership offers the opportunity to get involved in actually making Max-Biodiesel, and learn by doing, also each member or others, even if they don't need diesel or bio-diesel, may offer their truck services to pick up and or deliver supplies, such as fryer oil from restaurants or fryer oil brokers/suppliers and also help with delivery of bio-diesel where possible.

Fuel tank handling and transfer equipment would be an asset. Many contractors with diesel trucks and construction equipment are already equipped for fuel handling so it will be business as usual for the most part with simply making arrangements for fuel delivery and having dedicated barrels or larger fuel tanks for bio-diesel in addition to regular diesel.

Part of the Test Fuel Program is to document or get an idea of the performance capabilities in a wide range of fleet, vehicle, machinery, truck and equipment applications with the same work everyday work load.

Any savings is like making money and members can re-invest, buy more fuel and continue with the program, reduce emissions and do something a little different than ordinary. Since this is all for a good cause or strategic, operational and tactical advantage of members, every advantage is an advantage.

Whether burning a lot or a little fuel, we hope this will be educational and useful and interesting. We expect to have high energy (more btu/gal) like commercial diesel, that is much more than regular diesel fuel sold at regular public fuel stations that can have about 1/3 less energy as observed by typical truck operators. A pickup truck may run 1200 km/tank on commercial diesel and street diesel for individuals is near to 800 km/tank. Of course that is not really classified info, but certainly not everyone is aware of fuel quality.

It is also possible to invest in fuel oil tree plantations in the southern climate, with a dividend that pays in fuel. Members will be notified in the future....but meanwhile we have the machinery to produce bio-diesel and hope to pass that option on to members.

Please contact us for more details and maybe we can make progress for everyone.

Made in Canada Eh!

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Private Co-operative membership & Max-Biodiesel Test Fuel Program
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