Production Equipment - program summary

Option 1) $1,500.00 production share, (a one time cost) for a 1500 Litres/Month reserved production; 30 shares available; plus a 1,000 Litre bio-diesel bonus within 3 months; (estimated Mid March delivery);

Option 2) $375.00 fractional share, (a one time cost) includes a 1 barrel deposit and acquisition of 4 barrel of bio-diesel reserved production per month; maximum 120 fractional shares available (deducted from full production shares allocated);

Option 3) $100.00 unlimited production account, private member, general reserve, non-investment, production dividend, 15% in fuel or financial compensation. Fuel may be traded or allocated according to demand and financial compensation generated. You do not need a vehicle, machinery, furnace or have a need for bio-diesel, and simply get involved in building a national and local network capability and be part of the solution.

Also, with Option 3) membership, a 5% fuel or financial bonus is generated from those who sign up individual or enterprise based on their fuel acquisition. So, even if you don't burn diesel fuel, promoting or finding others who do can generate revenues or fuel bonus, which is good and simple reward. Fuel can be acquired or made available to others or kept in reserve.

A barrel is essentially 180 litres. $1.50/L ; $270.00/barrel; (Members with their own fuel tanks can have bulk delivery) (Barrel delivery may be done with a barrel deposit)


The proposed program options, will have a periodic review of members, production, costing and mutual agreements and will continue to operate as a cost sharing co-operative production agreement unless otherwise. 

While working towards a combination of ideal programs and options for secure supply line with multiple levels of production logistics to be implemented and available for members now, while allowing flexibility for those to be hands on directly or for another member to operate any aspects of the logistics and production of the bio-diesel. 

Multiple facilities and production units are possible to enable a very local and cost effective means of production and logistics.  Although this is a new program, additional production units are to be made available.  Additional people who are interested in actually making the fuel at the facilities for educational purposes, may also obtain additional benefits and may be able to operate some of the production facilities with other interested members.  This approach may enhance the learning curve and any potential difficulties or uncertainties anyone might have in a new venture.  The program will work for the benefit of members in increasing the number of people competent in operating the production machinery operations and a response and pro-active program for general interest.

This works well with the co-operative test fuel program and is not in any way a retail operation, but more of an experimental science project that can reduce pollution and a chance for people to learn something new in the process.  All funds are in trust, used in the test fuel program, all fuel deliveries are guaranteed. 

The program may make available a hands on workshop to those even if; they do not burn diesel fuel in vehicles, boats, equipment machinery or home heating.  The fuel delivery and storage may be arranged with the agent and other members as agreed.  Each member may equip themselves with a gravity feed, 12v or 120v fuel dispenser and provide adequate storage facilities and as many barrels as may be necessary or desired.

Currently being offered in the Renfrew County, Muskoka, Barrie & Simcoe Grey, Capital Region, Pontiac & Gatineau Quebec. Supply & delivery logistics developed as required, optimizing transport and time. Also, future en route is bulk transport direct to larger tanks, now mainly barrel delivery and trade/refill.

Local and regional production is personal and business advantage.

Required: Test Fuel survey     Test Fuel Agreement     Test Fuel Program

Private Co-operative Association & Test Fuel Program
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Test Fuel Survey

Test Fuel Agreement

Test Fuel

Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc. offers special discounts and opportunities through the Bio-diesel Club Co-operative Association to their members, group and association of individuals and enterprise. (

Full production share member owners may have bulk deliveries and act as a distribution point for those fractional share owners or those who need or want to do occasional acquisition, don't burn much fuel or are involved in the test fuel program, emissions test compliance etc.

Carbon Tax is a probability and not likely being reduced any time soon.

Max-Biodiesel equipment design engineering Made in Canada with 15 years of research and production experience…

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With a hedge fund, or in the stock market, people place bets on the price going up or down, a derivative or stock market gambling casino…

A barrel fund, so nobody has you over the barrel, carbon tax going up…a lot, emission regulations getting tougher…taking the old vehicles off the road, to replace it with expensive debt, cheap plastics, computers and DEF…

The solution is simple, secure supply lines, less fossil fuel, less debt, keep solid reliable trucks on the road and remember that saving money is like making money, a barrel of laughs to re-invest in your trucks & trailers, machinery and heating systems, or anything else you may need, and to stay in business and keep on trucking.