Test Fuel Agreement

Co-operative membership bio-diesel test fuel program
1)                  Max-Biodiesel.ca promotes the co-operative acquisition group membership bio-diesel test fuel program on a conditional basis and in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Membership is required.
                  Any financial or non-financial transactions are held by the company in trust,  on behalf of business operations and members of the test fuel program;
                  Members are required as part of the test fuel program to perform general and specific tests, test procedures, operations and to record and forward results to the company;
                  Fuel availability is typically made by advance notice with the Special Order Form, or Requisition form; phone and fax request are also possible,  logistics, quantity and costs may be specified for a specific time or volume;
                  Responsibility for the mechanical or other operating conditions of the engine, vehicle or otherwise is exclusively the members and in no way will hold the company or any of the members, personnel or associated or related companies liable or responsible in any way concerning the use of test fuel or the test fuel program;
6)        The co-operative membership is supplied test fuel on a private experimental basis with no intention of public sale or supply. The company is not a fuel retail operation. Information concerning the company and the members is confidential, it is understood that information for the promotion of the company, the test fuel program and results may be provided;
7)        Notes: 1) Max-Biodiesel.ca deliveries are filled in the order made and fuel production and delivery is reserved  2) Fuel Storage is the responsibility of the member. 3) Multiple fuel deliveries are possible.  4) Additional fuel orders and cost is determined by the members.  5) Additional renewals of the Test Fuel Agreements are possible, subject to member approval.

Private Co-operative Membership & Max-Biodiesel.caTest Fuel Program
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