Test Fuel Survey

Bio-diesel Test Fuel Program Survey
Fuel Grade:
                 Quantity:                     $:                     Est. Delivery Date:                            
                                   Year:                           Engine:                                   
Transmission:___________________. Typical RPM:             __________
Typical fuel tank:[  ] Cdn gallons:
                    [  ] Litres:                    hours of running:                   
Typical distance per tank of fuel: [  ] Kilometers:
Typical distance per [  ] gallon   [  ] Litre of fuel: [  ] Kilometers:
Bio-diesel: distance per tank of fuel: [  ] Kilometers:
Bio-diesel: distance per [  ] gallon   [  ] Litres of fuel: [  ] Kilometers:
General or specific engine and/or vehicle load:
Overall performance notes:
Specific performance tests: (specify) 
Idle comments:
Emission comments:
Exhaust Gas Temperature: (if tested) Typical:
Other comments:
Emission test equipment results: (please include printout)
Cruise & operations empty comments:
Cruise & operations with load comments: (specify load factors)
Acceleration & top end comments: (not a license to speed or be reckless!)
At your discretion:
Burn the rubber test: (try not to burn the rubber off the tires!)
                  0-60mph:                     ¼ mile:                       
Mission parameters and requirements:
Topography & terrain comments:
Road & highway condition comments:
Weather condition comments:
                        Test Date:                       Odometer reading:              
No BS, just give’r comments:
What are you most impressed with?  
Comments, Questions, Suggestions:
Test Fuel Program member name/#:
Notes: this is not a scientific study.   Please copy and mail in results.
Receipt (print):   Name:
                                                          ph #:                                                   
Fuel Grade:
        Quantity:                  Program Option/$:                  Est. Delivery Date:               
Other records may be made for off road machinery, equipment, boats, heating and generators.

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